Eurocode 6:Design of Masonry Structures

Welcome to the Eurocode 6 web site where you will find resources to support masonry design and construction.

Eurocode 6 consists of four documents:

BS EN 1996-1-1: Rules for reinforced and unreinforced masonry 

BS EN 1996-1-2: Structural fire design

BS EN 1996-2: Selection and execution of masonry

BS EN 1996-3: Simplified calculation methods for unreinforced masonry structures

BS 5628 was withdrawn by BSI on the 31st March 2010 along with a number of other British Standards which conflict with the Eurocodes.

PD 6697 Recommendations for the design of masonry structures to BS EN 1996-1-1 and BS EN 1996-2.




28 January 2016 ISE Lancashire & Cheshire Regional Group EC6 Course at Salford University attracted 53 participants.

9 November 2015 Project Team 1 commences work on mandated updates to EN 1996-1-1.

28 April 2015 Eurocode 6 presentation ISE regional group Fairfield Hall Croydon attracts audience of 85.

April 2015. Tenders invited for Project Team members to develop the next generation of Eurocodes.

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